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Irregular Conversations: Episode 1– Pilot in the Snake Room

When happens when one podcast gets cancelled and two of the members get signed on for their own spin off? More likely than not, they’re sponsored by NBC. Expect we’re not. We’re classier than that. No, what you get is the mutha fuckin’ snake room. Join us to discover how to summon bald eagles with your handy-dandy American flag and raw patriotism, why pandas may or may not be nature’s neckbeards, and why the pale freak from twilight actually has his priorities in order.


Filler Post! Hurrah

This means nothing. It isn’t you it’s me. No, that’s a lie it’s you. Like this filler post, you are objectively worthless and replaceable. The good news is that in the grand scheme of all existence, the Googol years that it will take for the chaotic entropy to reduce our existence into endless emptiness and atomic solitude,  I too am worthless and replaceable. We all are! Hurrah for the crippling realization of our mortal impermanence!


It’s ok. Because even if nothing is forever, ice-cream and dopamine last just long enough to make the whole maelstrom seem meaningful. I’ll take seven pints please.



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