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More like the Xbox One 80

First things first, go watch our new podcast staring Peter and Myself: Irregular Conversations. Its like super funny, crazy, and has a really good sense of fashion. Its ok I’ll wait here till you get back, theres no rush, just scroll down below and hit that play button, and while your at it recommend it to everyone you come in contact with for the next two months like a rabid breaking bad fangirl (they prefer the term breakiebers).

Well Microsoft sure has been busy haven’t they. For those of you who weren’t paying attention today or actually doing something productive with your day, Microsoft just dropped a massive fucking bomb all over the internet 27 days before their own E3 Conference. The announcement basically fixed the last of their E3 fuck ups from last year by offering a new kinect-less version of the Xbox One on June 9, with a kinect stand alone coming in the fall, and with the launch of games with gold for xbox one users on top of what we already get on the 360, with a grand total of five games coming between them both next month! And as if that wasn’t enough they also announced that Xbox live gold is no longer needed for apps like HBO Go, Twitch tv, and most importantly Netflix. Holy shit.

Why is this such a big deal you may be asking, I’ll tell you why. Lets go back a little, I’ll set the scene: June 8th 2013 its the afternoon on a sunny humid Florida and sounds of children playing can be heard from the neighborhood,  a wide eyed Evan is hoping Microsoft can redeem themselves after the DRM filled and overall depressing announcement of the Xbox one reveal,  is sitting in his living room watching the Microsoft E3 Press conference with his friend and fellow podcast host Peter (shameless plug). Throughout the press conference Evan is saddened by things like kinect integration, stupid looking games (Ryse anyone?), and a ridiculous 499$ price point made him almost get a PS4. Enough of the third person its starting to feel a little weird. Luckily for Microsoft who’s been pretty quick about fixing this mistake in less than a years time, and is finally ready to get back in the fight with sony now after last years ass kicking spectacular.

Now when you put the two consoles together side by side things start to get a little more interesting. Both consoles now are now on even grounds in terms of price which was the biggest challenge Microsoft had to overcome and perhaps Sonys biggest advantage. They both also have similar graphics, features which begs the question: whats the difference between the two then? The answer to that question of course is the main reason why we buy these huge expensive machines in the first place and I’m not talking about Nexflix.

I’m talking about the games of course. Thats right, this years E3 is shaking up to be another violent death match between Sony and Microsoft that will be determined by the games this year and not what extra features and other stupid shit we as gamers could care less about. This E3 is perhaps the most important one yet with both consoles now with both companies ready to show us whats behind those big doors (I hope its a new car). One things for sure this is gonna be a E3 no one should miss. Places your bets now kids (Halo 2 Anniversary pretty please). One bigger question that remains from all of this is “What about the Wii U”? Thats something we’ll talk about later…



Pokemon could be soooooo much better!

Welp, we’re back! It’s been a while, and I’m glad to see the site back up and running. Despite the fact that my profile is still not on the site, the passwords are the same-so I guess they haven’t confiscated the keys to my cubicle just yet.

Probably best to end that rant before it begins, so, without further ado, to the actual subject of the post!

I work hard.

I’m not trying to brag or anything. I’m just proud of the work I do. Much like that of a five dollar stripper, or Thomas Jefferson’s black mistress. And because of that work, I was able to buy a nintendo 3DS. An XL, to be exact, because there is always room to compensate. I wasn’t making any grand illusions to myself- I was getting it mainly to play Pokemon.

And I have.

I have spent so much of my time playing Pokemon x and I have been really enjoying it. But, ever since I started out in the first pokemon town and battled my way through eight gym leaders to the Elite Four, I’ve been stuck with this nagging thought in my head.

Pokemon could be so much better!

Let’s face it, the relatively cut and paste storyline of pokemon is getting old. You are a trainer, you have a rival (although you cannot name her in Pokemon X….what a disappointment. I really wanted the extra laugh that would come with the sentence “You defeated Saggy Naggy”), and there is some sort of evil team that wants to be giant dicks for some really stupid reason. You beat them and the continue on your journey until you beat the elite four and become a pokemon master.

Don’t get me wrong, it still works. Pokemon games are some of the best selling of all time and the ability to customize your team and battle your friends is one of the best moves a game could do. What i’m focusing on here is the plot. It’s well overdue for a change.

Consider this example:

What if, instead of trying to make the world more beautiful or something gay like that, the organization (say Team Unity for this example) is rallying against the abuses trainers commit against pokemon. The battling thing is kind of crazy when you think about it. You force pokemon, who become friends with you by forcing them into a ball, to battle each other until one of them passes out (we assume they pass out, they could very easily die).

An organization like that would bring a very different balance to the game- they are still pretentious assholes, but they actually have a point. Now every trainer is questioning their actions, and not just trainers, gym leaders too! Suddenly, gym leaders are joining the cause and arguing for a change! Through your actions, you can either convince them of the truth, that pokemon actually love fighting to the death- they’re just crazy about it, or that they are indeed right to rally against the system.

Throw a little bit of choice into an already baby RPG.

Just think of how much better Pokemon could be! I’m not saying it has to be this exactly, but for the love of God do something different! If I have to replay another pokemon game with the same story, I’m probably going to strangle someone!

-Jim (who still knows all the passwords)

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