Next Generation Consoles

Well….this is new.

If you haven’t visited us for a while (counting myself), you’re likely to find a few things are different. For instance, my name is off of this site. I wasn’t sure if that is because of some random computer error, or if Evan found the keys to the secret control room on the back of the site that allowed me access to a hidden camera in his mom’s room. Either way, I figured that I had enough time (and all the passwords were still the same) to post my thoughts regarding the perfect time to buy the next generation console. For those of you who hate reading, I’ll skip to the end right away so that you can continue on with whatever you were doing…


There you go. Now, for those of you who are still interested i’ll lay out a few reasons that are not bogged down in specs.

1) No Backwards Compatibility

This is perhaps the biggest reason why I would suggest holding off on buying a new console for a while. Because the Xbox 1 (720) and the PS3 shun the ability to play all those shinny older games you spent your hard earned stripper money paying for, it makes needing to keep around the previous generation console necessary. In addition, a number of developers (TellTale included) plan to continue making games for the Xbox 360 well into the Xbox 1 release period.

2) Very little games out now

Both the Xbox 1 and the PS 4 show very little in terms of gaming options for all the excitement they generated. It is diffidently worth holding off a few months to allow for the production of even more games. My advice, pick a game that you really want (Titan fall…or Destiny) and wait for it to come out before you even consider buying the games.

3) The bugs

Those of you brave enough to survive the red ring wars with the Xbox 360 should be more than aware of this problem. Production is often rushed in order to release the consoles and meet demand before the holiday season. Oftentimes, this means that things get missed that should have been fixed. By waiting, you give Sony and Microsoft the time they need to develop additional software, without the hassle of searching the internet for solutions.

4) Both consoles are nothing to go crazy over

At some point, it will indeed become necessary to purchase the newer consoles. Eventually game developers will stop making games for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, and they will go the way of the original Xbox and PS2, but for now, both Sony and Microsoft have shown nothing that makes it necessary to buy the console now. Nothing screams next generation technology. The Connect thing is pretty cool for the Xbox, but it’s nothing to write home about. In addition, the ability to have a friend constantly bug you about the game he is playing is just begging to be shutoff. Sony has gone the way of the social media, and while it’s an interesting development- it is certainly not groundbreaking.

There is also something to be said about not buying these new consoles out of spite. Microsoft changed their mind so many times about what exactly the new console does that it warrants being pissed off about. As producers, Microsoft has fully ignored our advice on what exactly we wanted for a while, and holding off on purchasing the console would send them a message.

The Economic reason: The consoles are likely to be the most expensive now then they will ever be.

This issue involves price discrimination, and the theory has been around in Industrial Organization for awhile now, but the gist of it is that both Sony and Microsoft know that those who are really passionate about gaming are willing to pay a higher price in order to obtain the next generation consoles. So they can get away with charging more on the devices now, and lower the price later to attract those who can afford to wait. It’s part of the reason other Microsoft/sony products are less expensive now. By waiting, you run into a much greater chance of a price reduction. Right now, Sony and Microsoft are looking at recovering the costs of production, so they are not interested in lowering prices. Later, however, once the die hard fans have purchased the devices, they will be much more flexible to lowering their prices.

My recommendation? Wait….or buy an older console first.

For Black Friday, I was able to pick up a PS3 complete with both the Last of Us, and Batman Arkim Origins for about $200 (practically a steal). While the prices are not likely to be that low for a while, picking up another console allows those players who enjoy gaming enough time to play through exclusives that they had previously been unable to do. It will take some of the pain off waiting, and will expand your gaming horizons.

(Written by Jim…the silent contributor)


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