Episode 5 (Now with theme song)


Hey guys and gals were back again with the fifth installment of our critically unacclaimed podcast: The Disorder! On a related note I would also like to point out that this is the fifth time this week I’ve had to write one of these descriptions for an episode for those of you at home who are keeping score, but we’ll talk more about why we aired 5 episodes in a week later, I promise. Lets get back to talking about the episode (mind my rambling). This time on the show Jim tries to explore his sexuality through the group and we confirm our suspicions about him (drama!). The group also tries to figure out who my imaginary perfect man is (hint it’s not The Rock) and things get out of control as we take part in some of Jims erotic fan fiction where Peter and a mystery man share a night filled with romance together on what has easily been our gayest episode yet (pun unfortunately intended). We also talk a little about the website and whats in store for you guys in the near future. Well thats all I have to say about this episode so if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go watch the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix. #theresalwaysmoneyinthebananastand



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